The Key To Success? A Positive Attitude

key to success
key to success

(This is a guest post on the key to success, written by Kevin Pearia

Military members are taught from basic to never give up and constantly pursue their goal until it is accomplished. That drive and determination is translated into the most sought after skill that employers look for in their veteran employees.

While a strong work ethic is always a plus, it isn’t always going to ensure you receive a job. Think about someone you have worked with in the past, whether it was during military service or the person next to you in a cubicle, did his or her attitude affect your performance? 

Most of us have experienced the type of person whose mere lack of a positive attitude brings everyone around them down a notch. These types often thwart improvement and suck the life out of their team members.

Get the most out of your military background and avoid falling into the trap of becoming “that” employee, know and avoid these personalities that harm organizations: 


The Know-It-All

Almost everyone has experienced the know-it-all. The person who never asks for help, even when they need it, is the first to belittle anyone asking for help so they can show their assumed prowess. This is just the type of person to avoid being.

Managers respect those who are willing to learn new concepts that can improve productivity. Those who would rather pretend they know everything are just going to fall behind and won’t advance any farther than they currently are.

Although it is good to ask questions, you don’t want to over-ask and come off as needy. Employees who constantly ask their managers the same questions repeatedly, without learning the first time, have the tendency to annoy supervisors. If you have trouble remembering processes, write them down. You never want to come off as incompetent to your manager.

Remember, it is often the person who can figure things out the quickest who is the most rewarded. These employees are the kinds that aren’t afraid to ask new questions, search forums, and contact industry experts. 


One Key To Success: Don’t Be a Victim

The victim always complains about the amount of work on their plate. They may say things like, “I don’t get paid for all of this” or “I’ve been working nonstop and they still want more.”

At one point or another, we all have played the victim role, but for some it’s a constant role that never seems to end. These people will complain to anyone who will listen, whether that’s in the break room, or directly in front of a customer.

Victims aren’t looking for new opportunities, they are looking for problems. Turn your thought process around and see having a full plate as a chance to turn your obstacles into goals, and shine above the rest. 


The Skeptic

Skeptics will think the best plans are sure to fail. They say things like, “Our manager will never like this” or “My ideas are never heard.”

Having the glass half-empty approach suppresses creativity and the formation of new ideas. Those with this approach bring everyone around them down a notch and makes it where no one will want to work with them.

Getting through the day’s aggravating activities can take a lot of patience; however, persevering and finding new approaches to problems is a great way to be noticed by supervisors.

In short, those who come to work with an upbeat attitude, ready to take on all projects, and always willing to learn will accelerate much faster than those with the opposite position. Take this attitude with you to a job interview, as well as a fully translated resume, and you’ll be sure to nail the job! It’s the key to success.

(Kevin Pearia is a communications specialist with Veterans United Home Loans, providing our nation’s heroes with current news and information on the benefits they have earned through service as well as VA home loans.)