2021 Franchising Trends: The Franchise King® Puts Delivery, Restaurant Technology, And Robots In The Spotlight

robots in franchising for 2021
robot delivering fast food

The Franchise King®, Joel Libava, shares the latest trends in franchising for 2021, including shifts that have taken place because of the pandemic, along with the franchise sectors and franchises that are thriving today.

2021 Franchising Trends: Press Release:

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ohio – March 17, 2021 – PRLog — The latest franchise trends and predictions this year include the growing use and acceptance of delivery and curbside pickup, in one case using Domino’s Pizza as an example of a business that has perfected both. This comprehensive look at the trends shaping franchising in 2021 includes commentary from some of the most well-known franchising and small business experts.

Each year, The Franchise King® publishes his predictions and trends shaping the franchise industry. This year, the trends factor in the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on franchising and small business. For example, he says that curbside pickup and free delivery are going to continue to be highly popular through 2021, even as people continue to receive vaccines and cities start opening up.


Home And Office Delivery

According to the Franchise King®, the popularity of home or office delivery isn’t going to wane, even with the pandemic hopefully being behind us soon. According to Joel, “People have gotten used to receiving their food at their homes or their offices. Franchise owners in all sectors of franchising who adopt a free delivery system will continue to reap its benefits long after the pandemic.”

The Franchise King® also said that technology is going to play a major role moving forward. As you’ll see in the article, some of the latest technology being developed can be a major game-changer, especially in the food-service industry. For example, robots will start playing a role in the kitchen and in several other areas, including delivery. As a matter of fact, Joel Libava states that “Robots will start delivering your food in the not-so-distant future!”

The Franchise King says that another significant franchise trend is that the focus for many new franchise concepts will shift from “things people and other businesses want” to “things that people and businesses need.” According to Joel, this has to do with “the almost complete blending of work and personal time” which is adding new levels of stress everywhere. He added that businesses that can help relieve that stress by making people feel better are the ones to watch in 2021.

A complete look at the Top 2021 Franchise Trends And Predictions-including the specifics on food delivery by robot, can be found at  https://www.thefranchiseking.com/franchise-trends-2021.