4 Possible Franchise Ownership Scenarios

executive looking at franchise ownership ideas
mid-level executive franchise ownership scenario

People arrive in franchise ownership via several different scenarios.

Here are 4 of them.

Franchise Ownership Scenarios

Scenario #1. You’re a former high-level executive with a pretty substantial net worth ($1 million+), and you were recently* downsized.

*As of this writing, a global pandemic is affecting businesses large and small. That probably means that mid-level executives and high-level executives could lose their jobs. Hence, downsizing.

Scenario #2. You were in middle management, made $125,000+ annually, and have what it takes to run a business. You have a net worth of around $500k-$600k, with a working spouse.

Scenario #3. You were in a six-figure sales position, and lost your job, You love B2B sales….you’re a real tiger. Your net worth is around $400k, but your spouse works, and you have very little debt. Or maybe your spouse wants to get into a business?

Scenario #4. You’re currently working in a high-paying middle management or executive position and have a net worth of $750k+. You want to be proactive and get into a business of your own now, so that you can have something that’s up and running when and if you do lose your job.

Can You Identify With One Of Those Scenarios?

If one of the scenarios I described above describes your situation, you may be a good candidate for business ownership. Notice that I didn’t say “franchise” ownership. That’s because you may not be cut out for franchising. That’s because it’s like no other business. Specifically, there are lots of rules to follow-rules you MUST follow. Is that okay with you?

Or are you sick of the corporate rule-based environment?

If so, starting a business of your own-your idea for a product or service is probably the way to go.

Let’s go back to franchising for a moment.

If you’re comfortable with rules, and you’d like to leverage someone else’s knowledge and experience to help get where you want to go, I suggest looking into an executive-level franchise business like this.

If one of the scenarios above doesn’t describe your current situation, but you’re thinking of being your own boss, don’t give up. Your time may come.