Franchises: How Long Does It Take To Open One?

franchises how long to open one

How long does it take, from when you begin searching for a franchise to own, to opening the doors to your new franchise business?

The answer: A bit longer than you think.

Let’s find out why.


How Long Does It Take To Open A Franchise Business?

First of all, finding a franchise to own will take longer then you think.

One reason: Volume. The sheer number of franchise opportunities being offered in the U.S. is staggering. The number? 3,500 and counting. That’s a lot of franchises to look at!

Now to be sure, you won’t have to look into every single franchise opportunity being offered. Not if you have a plan. The Plan


The Plan

The first part of your plan should consist of narrowing down your choices in a franchise-before you hit a franchise opportunity website.

One way to do that is so simple, you’ll probably end up wondering why you didn’t think of it yourself. Here it is.

Grab a sheet of paper and list your best skills.

For instance, you may be really good at managing people.

Or you may be good at numbers…accounting.

The bottom line is that whatever you’re good at, write it down.

Once you have this list, start investigating franchises that you think you’ll be able to leverage your best skills with as an owner. If you’d like an idea of how this should work, read this article.

But to find out how long it takes to open a franchise…your franchise business-from beginning to end, read “A Timeline For Opening A Franchise” by Franchise Direct. It’s a good one.

From the Franchise Direct article I linked to above:

Like any other business, the location of a franchise is a big factor in whether it will be successful. Choosing the right location for your franchise investment is one of the most important decisions you will make as an investor and as a new business owner. It’s essential to take your time in researching locations in the various areas or regions you’re most interested in.”

Go ahead and read it. As you’ll see, it’s very helpful.