Franchise Questions To Ask: Is Your Technology Current And Trouble-Free?

franchise technology questions

As you did deeper into the franchise opportunities you’re looking into, you’re going to have a lot of franchise questions to ask.

Now, some of your questions will be directed toward the franchise development representatives. Other questions will be directed toward existing franchisees.

In this post, I’m going to share a question you need to ask your franchise development rep.

A Great Franchise Question To Ask The Franchisor

Is your technology current, up-to-snuff, and trouble-free?”

franchise questions to ask

If you’re not a technology expert, don’t worry; you don’t need to be.

You just have to know what the franchisor is using and how well it’s working.

Additionally, and this is crucial, you really need to find out if the franchisor’s technology is helping franchisees in the system make more money and avoid a lot of business headaches.

In my experience, almost without exception, most of today’s franchisors use:

  • CRM systems
  • Email marketing software
  • Point of Sale systems
  • Sales reporting software
  • Online training systems
  • Remote IT support

The “Best” Technology

Call me crazy, but if you get far enough down the franchise exploration path and you get invited to headquarters for a Discovery Day, it’s very likely that the folks in the technology department at franchise headquarters are going to tell you that their technology is “cutting-edge.” Or, the “best.” And that’s fine. But here’s what I want you to do if they tell you that.

  1. Ask they why-and ask them to show you what they mean.
  2. Ask the franchisees how good the technology is.
  3. Ask franchisees if it’s trouble-free.

If you ask those questions, you’ll be able to see for yourself, and hear directly from the people who are using it in their franchise businesses in real-time. Make sense?

The bottom line?

Make sure you get a lot of information about the technology your future “partner” is using.

Find out if the franchisor really is using the most current technology.

And ask the franchisees if it works like it’s supposed to work, and if their businesses benefits from it.