Franchising Benefit: Franchise Owners Get Trained

training for franchisees

The franchise business model offers many, many things to prospective business owners. That’s why it’s considered one of the best business models around-and has been for decades.

One of the things that’s not talked about enough in franchising is training. The training today’s franchise owners receive before they open their new businesses. Having a formal franchisee training program in place is huge. It’s one of many powerful benefit franchise owners enjoy. Training is a confidence builder. And, new franchisees need confidence, believe me!


Franchising Benefit: Franchise Owners Get Trained

One way that today’s franchisors offer training-pre-training actually, is via web, like The UPS Store®.

From their franchise website:

Over 45 web-based trainings provide new owners a strong foundation of store operations and business acumen on which to begin the In-Store Experience I training.

Time Commitment: 40-45 hours
​Location: Online

That’s a lot of hours. You do want to be a successful franchise owner, right?

And, speaking of lots of hours, most franchisors require that new franchisees-and sometimes their store managers-attend classroom training at franchise headquarters. These in-person training classes usually last 4-5 days, but I have seen cases where training lasts upward of two straight weeks. So, make sure you plan ahead. You may not be home for a week or two.


Will The Training Be Good?

One hopes that the franchisors training will be good…or even great. But, how can you know ahead of time? What if their training is really, really, poor?

One way to find out if the franchisors training gets the job done is by asking. But, don’t ask the people at franchise headquarters. They’re going to tell you it’s great! Instead, ask the franchisees…the people that have already gone through the training. They’ll tell you if it was good or not so good. But, there’s even more you can ask.

You could always ask some of the existing franchisees if the training they received prepared them to open and run their businesses adequately. The answers you get will give you a good idea of the quality of the franchisors training program. And, you’ll get a good idea of what to expect as a new franchise owner early on in your business.”

– From an article I wrote for The Small Business Administration (SBA)

Great training can lead to great success as the owner of a franchise, whether it’s a franchise that requires a physical location or a home-based business.

Just make sure you find out how good the training program is before you become a franchise owner.