This Franchise Is Engineering Something Unusual


With over 3,000 different franchise opportunities to choose from, it can be tough for today’s franchise opportunity seekers to hone in on one or two that make sense for them.

Sometimes, the amount of choices available makes it tougher for people to make a decision…any decision.

Unless you are focused on one segment of the population….like kids.

The Engineering For Kids Franchise

Engineering for Kids is an after-school program for ages 4 to 14 that teaches engineering skills to kids through hands-on experiences with robots; airplanes and rockets; solids, liquids and solutions; plants; toys; roller coasters; LEGOS; and even video games, in hopes that they might begin thinking more critically and maybe some day even consider engineering as a career.

And, we need more engineers.

The Engineering for Kids Franchise comes from the mind of educator Dori Roberts. With an extensive educational background in math and technology, Roberts taught engineering in high school for over 10 years. During her career, she saw a dire need for math, science and engineering programs. She started an afterschool club that participated in various engineering and science-based competitions to fill the void.

After membership hit almost 200 students, she decided to tailor the program and apply it to a wider age demographic. With the extremely positive response she received from parents and administrators, Roberts saw a great business opportunity. She decided to  leave the teaching profession and started devoting 100 percent of her time to developing the Engineering for Kids program.

Since then, Engineering For Kids has developed exciting programs that invite children to have fun while they use their knowledge of engineering and science to design, create and improve solutions to engineering problems. Children are natural engineers and love building and taking things apart. Engineering For Kids‘ programs engage students in hands-on, real world engineering experiences!

And, now, you can participate in teaching kids all about engineering. As a franchisee of Engineering For Kids.

To learn more about this groundbreaking children’s franchise opportunity, go to Franchise Direct and request more information.

Maybe you can engineer some change.