business plan for a franchise business

If you’re thinking of becoming the owner of a franchise, and you’re planning to apply for a small business loan, keep reading.

The Importance of A Business Plan For A Franchise

Today’s small business lenders are looking for reasons to say no to your loan request. Now, it’s not that they’re anti-business…not at all. It’s because of what happened in 2009: The Recession.

So, they’re still a bit conservative shall we say, when it comes to lending money for startups-franchise or not.

Small business lenders get paid to do two jobs:

1. They’re paid to protect the their employers-the banks

2. They’re paid to increase their banks loan portfolio

So, if they want to get paid (a bonus or a commission) they have to find a way to get your franchise loan approved. And, if your loan gets approved, you get to open for business.


Make It Easy For Them

There’s one thing that can greatly increase your chances of getting your franchise business loan approved:

Submit a solid business plan.

Putting together a business plan isn’t as hard as you think; you just need to know what to include in it. And, you need to make it compelling.

Now, you don’t have to know everything about business planning to get your franchise business plan done. You just need some type of template.

Like LivePlan



5 Important Business Plan Tips For A Franchise

Make sure that you include these 5 things in your business plan for your franchise:

  • A description of the “problem” or issue your product is responding to by being in the market.
  • List others in the market who are doing-or about to do, is similar things and why are your product (s) is better
  • List the people and/or businesses that will buy your product or service
  • Give specific examples of how you’ll be marketing your products or service
  • Describe who you are. Name the top reason why you are the right person to start this business


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The importance of having a solid business plan for a franchise can’t be understated.

Get your franchise biz plan started right now!