Franchise Sub Shops Like Subway® | Sample Business Plans


(Image by Dwight Burdette)

Franchise sub shops like Subway® are some of the most popular types of franchises-and rightly so.

5 Reasons Why:

  • They’re super-visible…they’re everywhere
  • They’re pretty simple to operate
  • They’re not that expensive to buy
  • They’re great for multi-unit franchise ownership
  • They’re easy to visualize owning


Franchise Sub Shops Like Subway®

Do you know anyone who owns a Subway® franchise? How about a Firehouse® Sub’s franchise?

If so, you know how busy they can be.  If not, know this; these types of franchises can be very, very, busy. They do a lot of volume, and if you’re looking to become the owner of a franchise-or of several franchises, sub shops could work. But, the money won’t just appear. You have to work real hard, and you have to be a great manager.

You also have to be a great planner.


Sample Business Plans For Sub Shops

Being a great planner-in this regard, refers to business planning. You must draw up an outstanding franchise business plan for your franchise sub shop. Otherwise, your dream could vanish like the smoke of a distant fire.

Lucky for you I have access to a few sample business plans. if you’ve never created a formal business plan here’s an opportunity for you to see first-hand what one looks like.

Sample business plans are only part of what you’ll receive when you purchase LivePlan, an in-the-cloud business planning solution.

LivePlan is great for future franchise owners-like you.

See for yourself; check out this sample business plan for a sub shop.


Franchise Business Plans

Focus on becoming a great business planner.

If you take the time now-you’ll be way ahead of the game when your franchise business opens for business. Lots of new franchise owners don’t. They don’t do their homework. They don’t create a formal business plan for their yet to open franchises. They’re shooting themselves in the foot by not doing it. And, it doesn’t matter if they’re opening a franchise sub shop like Subway®, or a retail franchise like Great Clips®.

A franchise business plan goes a long way. It can help you see how things are progressing in your new franchise business. You’ll be able to nip problems in the bud as they’re happening. Live.

Plan for success. Your success as the owner of a franchise.